Green Fees Grow the Game

In 2022, nearly $25,000 was raised in support of First Tee – Ontario through one simple idea: adding a dollar to each green fee.

Taboo Muskoka and Lora Bay Golf Club implemented this idea last summer through the leadership of Nigel Hollidge, Chief Executive Officer, Great Gulf Course Management and Golf Canada Foundation Board Member.

“The easiest idea we had to support First Tee was to add an extra dollar onto each green fee and explain to the golfers where that money was going and how it would directly support communities in our province,” said Hollidge. “Not a single golfer complained, in fact, they were excited to be a part of this initiative.”

On-boarding is painless, and courses can benefit from their philanthropic commitment.  

“It was as simple as a journal entry at the end of every day where we allocated a dollar for every round played that day,” said Hollidge. “As a result of raising the green fee price a dollar, and given the fact we received a tax receipt, we actually improved our bottom line while giving back to the game.”

First Tee is a youth development program that provides children with life-enhancing experiences through golf. First Tee – Canada offers accessible and inclusive programming at golf courses, schools, and community centres, striving to ensure that golf reflects the diversity of Canadians.

“It was clear that First Tee helps people understand that golf isn’t just a sport, it’s a springboard into areas of life that you never thought were possible,” said Hollidge. “We’re proud to support a program that is opening doors for children through golf.”

Golf Canada partnered with First Tee to bring the program to Canada in 2020. With a recently launched chapter in the Prairies, First Tee – Canada now has five regional chapters in place including British Columbia, Ontario, Québec, and the Atlantic region.

First Tee – Canada’s nationwide success and growth since inception can be attributed to a generous network of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of sport and its ability to positively impact the lives of youth, especially those who otherwise may have not had the opportunity to play golf.

“What started out as a small idea or token of support has since turned into a community-led major fundraising opportunity,” said Sean Reczulski, Director Development, First Tee – Canada. “We are grateful to Taboo Muskoka and Lora Bay Golf Club for spearheading this initiative. We hope their commitment to giving back to their communities, especially through the game we love, inspires other courses across the country to do the same.”

Taboo Muskoka and Lora Bay Golf Club, plus the soon-to-come additional participating courses will be proudly displayed on the First Tee – Canada website in return for their support.

Click below for a simple how-to guide on how to implement this initiative.

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