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Our Philosophy

Without caring mentors, positive youth development just doesn’t happen. At First Tee, we take coaching seriously. We believe that a meaningful, quality relationship between coach and participant is vital to our program.


Young people don’t care what a coach knows until they know a coach cares.

First Tee Coach Education

Developed with input from leading experts in the field of positive youth development, our program focuses on empowering participants through decision-making and exploring options. This helps foster positive relationships between coaches and young people, inspiring the golfers of tomorrow to look to the future, set goals, and unlock their potential.

First Tee Coach Education is delivered to aspiring Coaches in Canada jointly by First Tee and PGA of Canada. This collaborative partnership enables Coaches working through First Tee Coach Program to choose their own level of involvement. PGA of Canada members are required to take Level 2 First Tee training (Level 1 = volunteer), before administering any First Tee – Canada programming.  The program includes the following levels:

First Tee Canada Education Requirement

Coach Rank



First Tee School Program First Tee School Teacher PHE Teachers Online 1.5-hour training.
PGA of Canada Community Golf Coach First Tee Assistant Coach Non-PGA Members Cannot be lead coach at facility (support role).
First Tee Level 2 First Tee Coach PGA Members

All PGA members start at Level 2.

Must be Level 2 to be lead coach.

Non-PGA members may apply to take Level 2 after Level 1 completion.

First Tee Level 3 First Tee Coach PGA Members Unlocks ability to teach “Eagle” & “Ace” level of program.
First Tee Level 4 First Tee Master Coach PGA Members Ability to train other coaches.

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Make an Impact Off the Course

We need more than coaches to make the First Tee possible. We rely on volunteers — sometimes year round — to accomplish our mission, and not all of those goals involve golf; we need support off the course as well. Opportunities include:

  • Fundraising/Events
  • Operations/Administration
  • Mentoring/Tutoring
  • In-school programming

By contributing your time and talent, you can directly make an impact in a young person’s life.

Learn More About Opportunities

To become a volunteer, you must complete an application and screening process, which may include an interview about your skills and interests, a criminal background check, and character references. You will also receive training about your volunteer or coaching role, behavioral expectations, and child protection.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities near you, contact us today.

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