Faces of First Tee

Our everyday heroes making a difference in the lives of children through First Tee.

Sue has been golfing for 25 years. She is the President-elect and sits on the board of Golf Manitoba and used to run Golf in Schools programming. Sue completed the First Tee coach training in the spring of 2022 and started coaching First Tee sessions last fall. In her off-season, Sue has been introducing golf to children in grades one to six through First Tee programming at schools near her home course, Whitewater GC in Thunder Bay. Over the six weeks, Sue saw children build their skills, confidence, and excitement for the game.  

RBC Community Junior Golf is an initiative that accelerates the delivery of First Tee at accessible and public golf courses across the country. It also allows for the golf course to deliver and for participants to experience First Tee at no cost.

Thanks Coach Sue and RBC for supporting First Tee – Ontario! To visit First Tee – Ontario’s website, click here.

Fiona is the face of two locations running First Tee. One at the YMCA Recreational Center (where she acts as lead coach) and one at the (YPHD) Youth Physical Healthy Development after school program at an elementary school in Halifax. These locations serve the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) area which is the largest urban center in the Martimes and the second fastest growing city in Canada, being one of the most diverse and multicultural municipalities in the Atlantic region. Fiona has been an avid golfer for six years, so making the sport accessible and approachable to children is rewarding and inspiring for her.

To learn more about First Tee – Atlantic programming and the great work happening in the Atlantic provinces, click here.

In Kahnawake First Nations reserve, there are seven golf courses in under 50 km. Building multisport athletes and providing as many opportunities as possible for youth to succeed through sport has been a priority for their community. With First Tee, coaches can easily introduce lacrosse and hockey players to golf in a fun, welcoming atmosphere at small program sessions throughout the summer. For coaches like Brett, introducing as many children as possible to the game is what matters. As an avid golfer with an appreciation for the positives golf has brought into his life, he hopes to give back to his community and hopefully one day, see the children he coached play competitively or get a scholarship for golf.

To learn more about First Tee – Premier départ Quebec, click here.